Hollands efterretningstjeneste: Det Hollandske samfund i risiko for sammenbrud

Terrorism – Dutch intelligence service reports

AIVD intelligence chief S. van Hulst speaks to Radio Netherlands

Despite the arrests – and, in some cases, the convictions – of members of the well-known group codenamed ‘Hofstad’, there’s little ground for optimism about the terrorist threat in the Netherlands. That’s according to a new report from the Dutch AIVD intelligence service report entitled “Violent Jihad in the Netherlands.”

The radicalisation of young Muslims, most of them from a Moroccan background, continues unabated; terrorist networks are growing more diffuse and hence more difficult to keep tabs on. The AIVD also warns that, in the worst-case scenario, Dutch society could risk falling apart along ethnic and religious lines.

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Vi må håbe efterretningschefen ikke bliver anklaget for hate-speech. DR: Hvornår ser vi denne nyhed hos jer? Eller er i – DR “Dhimmi Radio”

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There are presently 50,000 Dutch applications to the American Immigration and Naturalization service for a permanent resident visa in the United States. There is another 50,000 applications from the Dutch to re-locate to Canada. Last one out turn off the lights. Hvis det er sandt – hvorfor mon?

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