Igen razzia hos Martin Sellner fra Identitäre Østrig

Am Dienstagmorgen fand ein weiteres Mal eine Hausdurchsuchung beim Leiter der österreichischen Identitären, Martin Sellner, statt – offenbar wegen ähnlicher Vorwürfe wie zuletzt.

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The Austrian authorities and police are employing the same tactics against Martin Sellner as the British are against Tommy Robinson — pure, unadulterated, unfounded harassment of one of their own citizens for ‚wrong think’, in total disregard of the facts. The powers‐that‐be have no qualms about subverting the law to serve their own ends of controlling their own people in order to stay in power at any cost. Hopefully, in the not too distant future they will be held to account.


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  1. Han oplever sgu’ noget.
    Østrig har aldrig glemt sin nære fortid,måske de også skulle genstudere deres historie op til 1720-1765.
    Jeg ønsker Martin Sellner alt muligt held og lykke og tak for godt arbejde til nu.

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