Impotence fears hit polio drive

Health officials in Pakistan say they have failed to immunise over 160,000 children against polio due to rumours the vaccine causes sexual impotence.

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Der er ingen grænser for det religiøse vanvid og konspirationsteorierne imod Vesten.

Udover ‘almindeligelammelser af arme og ben kan poliomyelitis medføre følgende tilstande:

Paralytic polio

“Of all paralytic polio cases, 79% are spinal and 19% spinal with bulbar symptoms. If it affects the upper part of the cervical spinal cord (C3-4-5) then diaphragm paralysis requires ventilator support. Without respiratory support, polio affecting respiration is likely to result in death from failure of breathing, or aspiration of secretions and resulting pneumonia. The critical nerves are the phrenic nerve (the nerve driving the diaphragm to inflate the lungs) and the innervation to the muscles needed for swallowing. Skilled clearing of the airway with suction and tracheostomy are part of the care of such a patient, but they can expect to need mechanical ventilation.” 

Bulbar polio

The mortality rate of bulbar polio ranges from 25% to 75%,[3] according to the age of the person. If positive pressure ventilators are available, the mortality rate can be reduced to 15% [1]. In 2006 there are still polio survivors who must use a ventilator, spend their entire day or most of their day in an iron lung or attached to an assistive respiratory machine to stay alive. Bulbar polio and spinal polio are part of a continuum of anatomy and disease (paralytic polio). Bulbar polio occurs in 2% of cases of paralytic polio. Approximately one in 1000 people who have had paralytic polio have permanent resipiratory paralysis.

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