Is Islam inherently violent?

It’s the secret question in official Washington, D.C., in the Pentagon, and in the White House.

It’s the question that is so radioactive that most in government and the press dare not even pose it, let alone answer it.

In a disturbing but thoroughly researched new book, “Religion of Peace? Islam’s War Against the World,” author and filmmaker Gregory M. Davis rebuts the notion that Islam is a great faith in desperate need of a Reformation. Instead, he exposes it as a form of totalitarianism, a belief system that orders its adherents not to baptize all nations, but to conquer and subdue them. Islamic law’s governance of every aspect of religious, political and personal action has far more in common with Nazism than with the tenets of Christianity or Judaism.

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På samme måde som danske og europæiske politikere heller ikke tør stille og besvare spørgsmålet.

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  1. YEP – it were the Muslims, who killed over 100 million people during WW I and WW II. The Communists elites, who killed over 60 million Russian Christians – were not Jewish but Muslims! And let us not forget those Muslim German Nazis, who killed several million Christians, Jews and Gypsies in the 1940s.

  2. YEP they’re good at it:

    “However, at least 28 million Africans were enslaved in the Muslim Middle East. As at least 80% of those captured by Muslim slave traders were calculated to have died before reaching the slave markets, it is believed that the death toll from the 14 centuries of Muslim slave raids into Africa could have been over 112 million. When added to the number of those sold in the slave markets, the total number of African victims of the Trans Saharan and East African slave trade could be significantly higher than 140 million people.”

    And these are only the African death tolls. Then there are the European, Jewish, Persian, Copt, Hindu – you name it.

  3. -> #1

    You shouldn’t really be talking about the Nazis and Islam

    Mein Kampf is a bestseller in the muslim world today, and in WWII the grand imam of Jeruslam visited Hitler in Berlin 1943. The SS also had a muslim division. Hitler hated christinaity, but was an admirer of Islam….

  4. Oh my god, another loonie who makes different rules for mooslems and non-mooslems….Even trough history !

  5. Der er ingen grund til at kommentere tilhængeren af månekulten islam, en personage med navnet rehmat. Det er spild af tid.
    I månekultens bog koranen fremgår det blandt andet, at solen drejer rundt om jorden. Og der står meget mere vrøvl i den arabiske eventyrroman.

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