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    The life of the iranian Reza Mamipour Abri is endangered. He is about to be deported from Germany to Iran, despite him being

    a devote christian and so being free to be killed by any Muslim who would not have to expect prosecution.

    Abri (30) lives since the end of 1997 in the district of Mittelfranken in Germany. Already twice his request for asylum at

    the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees has been denied. On July 26th (11:00 local time) the legal court of Ansbach

    will try his case, but he can already be deported right now. At the first trial in 2003 the court forwarded the viewpoint

    Abri would be safe in Iran as long as he would not emphasise his christianity and behaved himself low key.

    Already in 1995 after Abri contacted Christians in Iran and became himself a Christian, he was under arrest for several

    months and has also been subject to torture. After his release from prison he succeeded to flee the country.
    Would his return to Iran become officially know he would no doubt be arrested again und put under pressure. After the in 1981

    empowered iranian “islam law for retaliation” anyone who “insults the prophet” or becomes an apostate can be punished by


    After an official report by Hans-Juergen Kutzner of the evangelical-lutherian church of Hanover, any muslim can kill an

    apostate without having to fear any form of punishment. At the end of 2005 the from Islam converted free christian priest

    Ghorban Thori was kidnapped and stabbed to death in the iranian town of Gonbad-e-Kavus.
    Only very recently the iranian apostate Ali Kaboli was arrested for illegal christian meetings and apostasy from Islam.

    Before that he was subject to travel limitations, interogations, death threats, and a poison attack.
    The freelance priest Hamid Pourmand, who was a major in the iranian armay, was sentenced to 3 years imprisonment by a

    military court for “deseiving the fighting forces”.

    The manageress of the german section of “Christian Solidarity International”, Ingrid Seigis, reminds about the case of Abdul

    Rahman. Rahman had become a Christian and lived nine years in Germany. Upon his return to Afghanistan he has been sentenced

    to death. Only the protests of the international community in March 2006 moved the Afghan court to cancel the case and

    declare Rahman “mentally ill”.
    “Shall there be now a second Abdul Rahman case?”, askes Seigis.

    Leave your it-signature against Reza Mamipour Abri´s deportation from Germany at:


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