‘Modspil’ skriver apologetisk om kvindeundertrykkelse i islam

om den vestlige forestilling om de stakkels undertrykte muslimske kvinder:

Så kan Modspil måske kommentere følgende historier om 'frigjorte' muslimske kvinder uden at forfalde til den sædvanlige hvidvaskning med 'at det er kulturbestemt og ikke specifikt muslimsk' – hvilket nedenstående og andre modbeviser:

FEATURE060420HonorKilling.jpg Amman, Jordan] Two years ago, Hussnia, 22, was abducted, sodomized and raped by a group of men who abandoned her in a remote house in the Jordan Valley. Stigmatized for a crime of which she was the victim, Hussnia was unaware that the worst was yet to come.

While Hussnia was bedridden, licking her wounds in a nearby hospital, her mother, father and sisters all refused to visit her.

A few days after being released from hospital, Hussnia fell victim to another attack – this one fatal. The attacker was her younger brother, Zaki, who charged at her with an axe and struck her repeatedly until she was dead.

Zaki triumphantly declared to his stern looking father and helpless mother that he had just cleansed the family honor. "I know she was not to blame for being raped, but would the relatives and neighbors understand? As far as they are concerned, she is not a virgin anymore. That was enough reason to take her life," says Zaki, who refused to even utter his sister's name.

Koran IV/15: (For women) If any one of your women is guilty of  lewdness …confine them until death claims them.

When Zaki went to court, the judge sentenced him to less than one year in prison. "Killing my sister was not the happiest day of my life, but if I had to, I would do it again," says the defiant Zaki. "I could not imagine my or my father's life if we did not do it."

… Zaki are just two examples of literally hundreds of Jordanians who have benefited from the leniency the law offers in cases of honor killings. The penal code, for example, exempts from the death penalty men who kill female relatives found to be committing adultery.

Koran XXIV/6-7: As for those who accuse their wives but have no witnesses except themselves , let the testimony of one of them be four testimonies…

En mands vidneudsagn opvejes kun af 4 kvinders.

Although autopsies often reveal that victims of family honor killings are, in fact, virgins, this not-insignificant factor is hardly considered by Jordanian courts. What is routine, however, is for the court to rule that the unlawful actions of the victim brought shame and disgrace to her family. Through her actions, the courts opine, the victim herself caused her own killer to become temporarily insane and to act without realizing the consequences of his actions.

 Sahih Muslim Hadith Chapter 540.The prophet said that he saw a woman coming and going in the shape of a devil and she fascinated him. So he came to his wife, Zainab, as she was tanning leather and had sexual intercourse with her. That drove out what he felt in his heart.

Pressure from local and international human rights groups led the government to introduce an amendment to the penal code that called for severe penalties for honor crime killers. But the draft law was rejected by the conservative lawmakers. Members of Parliament alleged that the government was introducing the changes in order to please the West, and that Zionism was behind the move. They claimed that amending the laws would destroy societal morals and encourage female sexual freedom.

(Al Hadis, Vol. 2, p. 692) Ibn Ma`sud reported from the Messenger of Allah who said, "A woman is like a private part (sex organ). When she goes out (walking) the devil casts a glance at her (in lust)."

(Koran, 4:34) …Guard in (the husband's)absence what Allah would have them guard…

Conservative and even Western-educated lawmakers in Jordan have been the first shield against amending laws related to honor crime killing. The majority of deputies [members of Jordan's Lower House of Parliament] involved in passing draft laws and monitoring governmental activities believe that women are more to blame for adulterous acts than the man.

Hadith Tirmzi: A woman must veil herself even in the presence of her husband's father, brother and other male relations. (TR. P 432)

While men are generally not blamed for adultery, if a woman who is thought to have had an affair is spared by her family at all, she will nevertheless be marked for the rest of her life.

(Koran 4:34) …As to those women on whose part ye fear disloyalty and ill-conduct, admonish them, refuse to share their beds and BEAT THEM… 

(Al Hadis, Vol. 1, p. 215) Omar reported from the Holy Prophet who said, "No man shall be questioned for beating his wife." 

 Deputy Mahmoud Kharabshah, who represents the traditionally conservative constituency of Jordan's Al-Balqa' region, says women must be closely watched in order to limit the problem of honor killings. "We do not need to amend laws and change our ways of thinking," he says. "What we should do is show women they cannot get away with it when they attempt to destroy a family's reputation."

Hadith Tirmzi: Majority of women would go to hell. (Muslim P 1431)

She says that in some cases, women have even been raped by family members under the threat of killing them in the name of honor. "I know of the story of a man who used to rape his daughter regularly. When she refused, the father threatened her, saying that he would kill her in the name of honor," says Asha. "Dignity and honor are linked to women and their sexual activity, not that of the man."

(Al-Hadis, Vol. 3, p. 137) Abu Sayeed al-Khodri reported that Mohammed was talking to a group of women when he said, "… I see the majority of you will go to Hell." The women asked why, to which Mohammed responded, "You often curse and are ungrateful to your companions." He then told them they had a basic defect in their nature, to which they responded, "How?" Mohammed answered, "Is not the attestation (knowledge and witness) of a women only worth half of a man's? And that is on account of her short intelligence."

Women rumored to have improper relations are sometimes taken for hymen examinations. To fail could be fatal.

(Al Hadis, Vol. 2. p. 638) Abdur Rahman- b-Salem reported that the Apostle of Allah said, "You should marry virgins, and verily they are sweeter in tongue, more prolific in wombs, and easily satisfied with little."   

Some women undergo hymen reconstruction surgery in private clinics prior to marriage. In conservative Arab society, virginity is essential for a new bride: failure to bleed on her wedding night could result in a girl being sent back to her family by her new husband and being declared "divorced."

Hadith Tirmzi: A woman in many ways is deprived of the possession of her own body. Even her milk belongs to her husband.

(Bokhari P 27) She is not allowed to practise birth control either.

In a country where tradition and religion prevent couples from having sex outside of wedlock, some young men have found what is known as "urfi" marriage the only psychologically acceptable means of having sex without the obligation or financial burden of an official marriage. This unofficial alternative to conventional marriage is usually kept secret, and involves just two witnesses, a paper stating the agreement and a repeated pledge of "I wed you." The marriage is not accepted either socially or legally, and can be annulled by simply tearing up the piece of paper.

(Al Hadis, Vol. 2, p. 657) Oqbah-b- A`mer reported that the Messenger of Allah said, "The most equitable of the conditions of marriage is that you should fulfil that (dowry) with which you have made private parts lawful." 

(Al Hadis, Vol. 2, p. 686) Ibn Masud reported, "We were fighting with the Messenger of Allah, and our wives were not with us. We asked the Messenger of Allah, 'Should we castrate ourselves?' The Holy Prophet forbade us from that, and then he allowed us Muta (temporary) marriage. So, we all married wives for a fixed time (usually three days) for the dowry of a piece of cloth."

Among the Arab nations, honor killings are not unique to Jordan. These acts have been reported in Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Yemen and the Palestinian Authority. While the phenomenon is less known among Arabs in the Gulf Peninsula, the United Nations reports that honor killings have occurred in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Turkey and Afghanistan. There have also been reports of honor killings among the Arab and Muslim populations of nations the world-over, including France, Britain, Norway, Italy, Brazil, Ecuador, Sweden, Peru, Venezuela and even the United States.

The prophet said : "The majority of those who entered the fire of Hell were women."

Honor killings are sometimes carried out discreetly, with women being murdered and buried without the knowledge of authorities. But with or without the knowledge of authorities, the killers are the victims' closest relatives, acting in defiance of Islamic values and human rights for the sake of a dubious tradition.

Anwar Shaikh , the author of Islam: An Arab National Movement says: "It shows the basic doctrine of Islam about womanhood, that is, she is basically crooked, and man has the right to keep her under his constant vigil; she must never be left alone."

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