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Politikeren Geert Wilders vil lave en koran-film.

Det passer ikke ‘The Establishment’

A big commotion has arisen in government circles about Geert Wilders’ film plans. The Party for Freedom (PVV) leader is working on a provocative TV film about the Koran, intended to appear on Dutch TV in January, De Telegraaf reported yesterday.

“The film is an attack on the Koran. Texts from the holy book for Muslims will be pictured for the camera,” wrote the newspaper yesterday. “The politician is refusing to say whether he, for example, tears up or burns the Koran”, according to De Telegraaf, which quoted Wilders as saying: “I do not want to disclose anything about it. People should just wait and see.”

Wilders’ film plans have reportedly caused great unrest in cabinet circles. “Behind the scenes, Wilders is being worked on by three departments involved: foreign affairs, justice and home affairs,” De Telegraaf wrote. The national anti-terrorism coordinator Tjibbe Joustra is also said to be involved in the talks.

Wilders said earlier that the Koran would be as thin as a Donald Duck magazine if all hatred-inciting passages were to be excised. He also called the book the Islamic version of Hitler’s ‘Mein Kampf.’

The International Herald Tribune skriver:

Less than 10 minutes long, the film is expected to air in late January. It will show “the intolerant and fascist character of the Quran,” said Wilders, whose anti-Islam campaign helped his Freedom Party win nine seats in parliament in last year’s election.


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