Panikken i Holland over Geert Wilders er yderst forståelig

Når man læser, hvor langt ude, de, som sidder på magten, er:

The government is inquiring whether Milli Gorus is an extremist organisation but will continue to subsidise it. Milli Gorus is also to remain an official discussion partner for cabinet policy regarding Muslims.

Separation of church and state means that interference by the State in internal religious issues is not accepted, but it does not mean there can be no common ground between political and religious organisations. Government financial support is possible for organisations and activities that are “affiliated to religious organisations” such as mosques, according to Justice Minister Ernst Hirsch Ballin.

The Lower House was debating with the government on the controversial Westermoskee mosque, for which Amsterdam municipality provided a loan of 2 million euros. Once the construction had started, the mosque withdrew its signature from a covenant pledging it would send out a liberal message. Furthermore, 1.2 million euros has disappeared through presumed fraud. The construction has been halted.

During the debate, conservative (VVD) MP Henk Kamp wondered why the government indirectly subsidises the construction of mosques but not that of churches or houses of worship of other religions. Integration Minister Ella Vogelaar thereupon replied that subsidies could help create a more positive image of certain groups that need this. “Naturally, these are difficult considerations” and “one must look carefully which organisations the government enters into agreements with”.

Amsterdam entered into an agreement with envoys of the controversial Turkish organisation Milli Gorus. Vogelaar: “The Westermoskee case illustrates how difficult this choice can sometimes prove and that in hindsight, a different choice should possibly have been made”. The actual intention was to promote the integration of Turks by building a mosque, since “mosques can help to reach certain groups”.

Vogelaar also confirmed there was “a subsidy relationship with Milli Gorus” and her ministry on a national level. She has no wish to end this relationship and would only “consider this if indications should emerge that give cause for suspicion of criminal acts or extremism”. The same applies to the position of Milli Gorus in the Contact Body of Muslims and the Government (CMO), with which the government consults on integration policy.

According to Party For Freedom (PVV) MP Sietse Fritsma, such indications are numerous. He exhibited a file of quotes by international Milli Gorus leaders, “such as ‘Jews are bacteria’,” he stated. Vogelaar however remained adamant that there were no indications of extremism, although Fritsma further attempted that “you know how things go at the European headquarters of Milli Gorus in Germany”.

Vogelaar also refused to confirm that Westermoskee leaders were “untrustworthy”, as Kamp said they were. He too had “indications that Milli Gorus expressly obstructs the integration of Turks in the Netherlands”. With the exception of Christian mini-pary SGP, which also expressed serious concern, the other parties hardly contributed to the debate.

Reluctantly, Vogelaar promised the VVD and PVV an inquiry into Milli Gorus. She did remark that precisely due to the separation of church and state, it is “not for us to judge” the degree of radicalisation of religious organisations.

Det lyder som om, de HAR givet op!


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