PM2.5 er den største videnskabelige svindel i vor tid

New York City/New Jersey subway PM2.5 levels 77 times greater than EPA standards; No bodies found

Huge pollution with no visible effect found

A new study reports on PM2.5 (soot/dust) levels in subway stations. The New York City and New Jersey PATH system had a mean level of 779 micrograms per cubic meter — 65 times higher than the EPA’s outdoor air standard of 12 micrograms per cubic meter.

The highest level measured (1,499 micrograms per cubic meter) is almost 50% higher than the worst air in any Chinese city that we know about. Onboard air quality PM2.5 measurements were lower but still on average 30 times higher than EPA standards.

In 2018, PATH carried 81.7 million passengers, about 280,000 per week day. Keeping in mind that the EPA says that any exposure to PM2.5 can kill you within hours, where are the bodies? Why aren’t governments calling for an immediate shutdown of subway service?

Recall that Harvard researchers just claimed this week that PM2.5 kills more than 8 million people per year and much lower outdoor air exposures. PM2.5 is the biggest demonstrable science fraud of our time.

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  1. Helt tilbage fra 1917-18 har kommunisterne påstået at videnskaben var på deres side, og at al rød politik var ufejlbarlig, fordi den var baseret på videnskabelige beviser og kendsgerninger. Læs selv om hvordan de russiske og kinesiske ledere dummede sig helt enormt ved mange lejligheder.

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