Ramadan terror i Hilversum Holland

The Dutch town Hilversum had have more than enough of the terror caused by Muslim youth’s; most of them of North African origin.

During the last two nights was a media employment agency their target. Security cameras show a group of 10 hooded boys paltering pavement stones to windows. The town suffers severe nuisance of this group for quite a long time. During Ramadan is their terror activities extremely high.
The mayor of Hilversum speaks of a Ramadan terror against his town. It does not happen often that a mayor dare to present the situation without trying to under size the situation.
A group of Muslims that call itself “A group of Conscious Muslims” is furious on the mayor who had dared to put a correlation between Ramadan and the present terror in his town. His words are a shame for his position. He is stigmatizing a vulnerable minority that has already a target for growing hostility from the side of media and public.

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