Slavegak i Glasgow

The SNP leader of Glasgow Council has issued an “apology” for the city’s historical role in the “slave trade”.

Treacherous Susan Aitken put forward an offer for an “immediate apology” following a report which examined the city’s connection to the transatlantic slave trade.

Eight statues and sixty-two street names were found to be linked to the slave trade in the report.

The SNP idiots claim that the 2020 Black Lives Matter protest showed that there is a racism problem in Glasgow which is “why measures have had to be taken.”

The SNP, it seems, is suggesting that dozens of street names and statues be obliterated to appease the far-left extremists who have reared their ugly heads since the death of George Floyd.

The SNP and their fellow clowns are conveniently forgetting that virtually every civilisation, nation, race and religion, since the dawn of time, has engaged in slavery.

Are we going to pull down the pyramids of Egypt, the colosseum in Rome, the Parthenon in Athens, and thousands of other historical monuments, because they were built by slaves?

Is Britain going to seek reparations and apologies from the Scandinavians and Italians because of the great number of our people enslaved by the Vikings and Romans?

Are the imams of every mosque going to apologise for the millions of slaves taken by the caliphs and the “Arab slave trade”?

What about the vast number of black Africans who enslaved their fellow Africans and sold them to the Middle East and Europe?

Considering the horrific problems facing the residents of Glasgow, why is the SNP focussing on events that happened hundreds of years ago?

This latest nauseating development is nothing more than virtue signalling from the SNP creeps.

Are they forgetting that it was Britain that was the First Nation to outlaw slavery?

Are they forgetting that it was the Royal Navy that helped to destroy the international trade in African slaves?

The British people have nothing to apologise for historically.

Take, for example, the painting above, which depicts the bombardment of slave-trading port Algiers in 1816, to stop the North Africans from trading in slaves.

We gave far more to the world than we took, that is a fact.

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3 Kommentarer

  1. Utroligt at myten om at Egyptens pyramider blev bygget af slaver stadig eksisterer.

    Bortset fra det, så er det utroligt at venstreekstremisterne kender så lidt til den muslimske slavehandel, som først blev stoppet med det osmanniske riges fald. En praksis som i øvrig er blomstret op igen i Nordafrika og på den arabiske halvø.

  2. England er et land i opløsning. Man tillader en
    indvandring som er på vej til at oversvømme England
    med problemer, trusler og uoverkommelige økonomiske
    og kulturelle problemer. Det politiske system er
    gået amok i “humanisme”, feminisme og verdensredning.
    Korruption er der også meget af. Indvandringsindustrien
    har fået alt for megen magt, og MSM bagatelliserer eller
    fortier problemerne.

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