Stigende utilfredshed med islam i Tyskland

Germans negative on Islam, poll shows

BERLIN – Germans are growing increasingly negative over Islam and concern is rising over the country’s Muslim minority, a recently released poll shows.”If one looks at this from a pessimistic viewpoint it could be seen as the start of a downward spiral toward conflict,” said the Allensbach polling agency who conducted the survey for the Frankfurter Allgemeine newspaper.

Asked if they though Christianity and Islamic could co-exist peacefully, 61 per cent of those surveyed said they believed there would always be “major conflicts” between both faiths.

Some 91 per cent said they associated Islam with oppression of women, up from 85 per cent in 2004.

A total of 71 per cent said Islam was intolerant, up from 66 per cent in 2004.

The statement that islam was dominated by fanaticists was shared by 83 per cent, compared to 75 per cent two years ago, the poll showed.

Asked if there should be a ban on the building of mosques in Germany as long as the building of churches in some Islamic states is forbidden, 56 per cent agreed, said the poll.

There is even considerable backing for ending Germany’s constitutional right of freedom of religion with regard to Islam, the poll showed.

Asked if strict limits should be imposed on the practice of Islam in Germany to protect the country, 40 per cent said they would support such moves.

A total of 56 per cent said they believed “a clash of civilizations” had already begun, up from 46 per cent in 2004, the poll results showed.

“The clash of civilizations has already begun in the minds of (German) citizens,” concluded the Allensbach Institute.

There are about 3.5 million Muslims living in Germany out of a total population of 82 million. Turks are the biggest minority and number about 2.5 million.


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