Tucker om den totalt korrupte Muellerundersøgelse og den medløbende Løgnepresse – Og The Guardian lakaj for efterretningstjenesterne

Tucker Carlson Tonight 11/28/18 | Breaking Fox News | November 28, 2018


Opinion: The Guardian’s Desperate Attempt To Connect Assange To Russiagate Backfires

As an outlet, The Guardian has a long history of bowing to pressure from the intelligence community, including the infamous destruction of material relating to Edward Snowden at the behest of the British intelligence agency, GCHQ.

In light of this subservience, it should come as no surprise that the outlet might publish a flagrantly false article that benefits the intelligence establishment by tying Assange to Russiagate just as it became clear that the charges against him have nothing to do with the WikiLeaks releases published in 2016 or the result of the US Presidential election that year.

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