Ungarn lægger skat på indvandringstilhængere: “Stop Soros”

Hungary, in latest ‘Stop Soros’ laws, wants to criminalize migrant helpers

Hungary’s government is ramping up its battle against billionaire George Soros by drafting new laws criminalizing those who help migrants seeking asylum.

The legislation is the latest reported measure in Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s “Stop Soros” campaign following accusations that the Hungarian-born donor is trying to “create an immigrant continent.”

If passed, it would make offering asylum seekers food, legal advice or printing leaflets with information a criminal offense in Hungary, the BBC reports. It added that the legislation would amend Hungary’s constitution to block other European Union countries from sending asylum-seekers there.

Hungarian media is reported to have said that violators under the proposed laws would be sentenced to prison ranging from a few days to up to a year.

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