Valg i Holland: Politikere lefler for de tyrkiske stemmer

Ahead of the Nov. 22 elections in the Netherlands, Dutch parties stepped up efforts to win Turkish votes.

In the Netherlands, where several Turkish candidates were removed from their party lists for denying the Armenian genocide, political parties are being forced to revise their stance on the issue.

The Labor Party admitted to having acted impulsively by using the word “genocide” and is now trying to win Turks’ support, while Greens and D-66, two parties which welcomed Turkish concerns from the beginning, are raising their voices.

Turkish Green candidate Birgul Donmez held a joint press conference with Green member Joost Lagendijk, the Turkey-EU Joint Parliamentary Commission co-chair.

Donmez said the Greens did not pressure her over the Armenian issue, adding: “I would quit if I were pressured.”

Lagendijk recalled that many European countries had dark periods in their history, so it would not be wise for Europeans to give lessons to Turkey over the Armenian issue.

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