‘Eid mubarak’ på Nelsons søjle på Trafalgar Square

For a decade, Britain First has warned that our people are facing a demographic replacement thanks to mass immigration.

Thanks to current trends and projections, the British people will be a minority in this country within two decades.

London is the first city where indigenous Britons have become a minority, with many more to follow.

The immigrant-origin population of London is currently so overwhelming that Sadiq Khan was re-elected as Mayor for a second term.

Khan is using his position to laugh in the face of the British people.

Yesterday, he organised for the words “Eid Mubarak” to be projected onto Nelson’s Column in Trafalgar Square.

This could have been projected onto any building in London (a mosque, perhaps), but Khan purposely chose a major British historical landmark that is dear to the British people.

Khan is laughing in our faces and flaunting the fact that London is no longer a British city.

Lord Admiral Nelson was a staunch Christian and a hero who rescued Britain from the tyranny of Napeoleon.

That’s what makes this so insulting to our ancestors!

If this event alone doesn’t persuade you to abandon all hesitation and get behind Britain First, then nothing will, and our country is doomed.

As a nation, we have no time to waste in apathy.

All British patriots must get behind Britain First while we still have time to turn the situation around!

Take the plunge and join Britain First and help us take our country back.

Join immediately and your pack (above) will be with you within a few days.

At the very least, hit the link below and watch the powerful video at the top before you decide:

Yours sincerely
Britain First HQ

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  1. Gad vide hvad Nelson ville mene om den sag? Jeg er temmelig sikker på at han havde en overlegen attitude overfor en primitiv beduinreligion! Det her jeg i øvrigt også!

  2. Lord Admiral Nelson var den første militærleder som gennemførte et terrorbombedement mod en civilbefolkning, med raketter. Efter moderne standarder er han en krigsforbryder.

    Reelt set var har også en krigsforbryder efter datidens standard, da han indledte en krig uden først at erklære den. Dette endda mod en venligtsindet neutral nation, som ikke havde mobiliseret.

    Jeg taler selvfølgelig om Københavns bombardement i 1807.

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