Kulturberigelse: Murder rates

Brit natives/non-Brits

First the approximation:

The population of Britain comprises 86% native Brits, and 14% non-Brits (defined earlier). That means that for every one non-Brit of all kinds in Britain there are six native Brits. It follows from that, that if immigrants and Brits are murdering each other at equal rates, then for every one murder of a Brit by an immigrant there should be six murders of immigrants by Brits. That would make us equally lethal towards each other.

Is this what the numbers say? Hardly.

For the two and a half years from January 2005 up until the beginning of this month, June 2007, exactly 8 non-Brits of all kinds have been murdered by native Brits. So to be approximately equal in our rates of murdering each other, just one – or perhaps two – native Brits should have been murdered by non-Brits. What is the actual number of native Brits murdered by non-Brits in this time: one? two? Well no actually, it’s 123.

If we look at it the other way around: as 123 native Brits have been murdered by non-Brits in that two and a half years, then to maintain proportionality in our rates of murdering each other, according to our numbers in the population, we should have murdered 123 (murder of Brits by non-Brits) x 6 (number of times by which Brits outnumber non-Brits in the population) = 738 non-Brits.

Instead : 8.

We murdered 8 of them. To maintain proportionality with relative numbers in the population, they should have murdered 8/6 = 1.33 (recurring) of us. They actually murdered 123 of us. So their rate of murdering us is 123/1.33 = 92.48 times our rate of murdering them (the slight difference is caused by the recurrence). Again, by the same mathematical rules, this comes out as a straight 92.

There doesn’t seem to be much doubt about it: non-Brits – in Britain – are murdering Brits at a rate 92 times higher than Brits are murdering non-Brits.

We can translate that number into a measure of the murderous inclinations of our people/culture as against the murderous inclinations of the aggregate of all the other people/cultures present here:

The aggregate of the other peoples/cultures present here is 92 times more murderously inclined than is our own people/culture.

Of course, this minor study takes no account of other crimes such as rape, paedophilia, grooming, robbery with violence (mugging), etc. Be nice if the authorities published nationality/race/culture statistics for all these other crimes …

I suppose it should be possible to pin down exactly which peoples/cultures are the really dangerous ones. After all, there are plenty of Germans, French, Dutch, Australians, Chinese, Hindu and Sikh Indians, etc here, but they don’t seem to be much in the news for murdering (etc) Brits.

I used the figures 86% – 14%, which meant there were 6 times more Brits than non-Brits. Suppose I had used the figures 90% – 10%, which is closer to what the multiculturalists claim in an effort to convince us there’s no immigration problem. Well, that would mean that there are 9 Brits here for every 1 non-Brit. So, to maintain proportionality relative to numbers, to be equally murderously inclined, Brits would have had to have murdered 123 x 9 = 1107 non-Brits in that two and a half years. Brits actually murdered 8, so non-Brits would be murdering Brits at 1107/8 = 138.375 times the rate at which Brits would be murdering non-Brits. Therefore the murderous inclination of the aggregate of the non-Brit people/cultures here in Britain would be 138 (mathematical rule) times worse than that of the native Brit people/culture.

So you see, when the multiculturalists try to allay our fears by claiming the percentage of non-Brits is lower, then in actual fact they are increasing our fears by telling us that these other cultures are even more murderously inclined than we already know they are.

Take care on your way home tonight.

Det drejer sig IKKE om briter, der dræber briter eller indvandrere der dræber indvandrere. Kun om indvandrere der dræber briter og vice versa. Altså drab der finder sted som følge af det multikuturelle samfund.


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