Spaniens socialistiske regering indfører illegalvenligt grænsehegn

Spanish authorities have begun removing razor wire, known as concertina wire, from border fences along Spain’s frontier with Morocco. The Socialist government ordered their removal after migrants who tried to jump the fences to enter Europe illegally suffered injuries after coming into contact with the wire.

Critics say that the razor wire functions as a significant deterrent to illegal immigration and that by removing it, the Spanish government not only risks unleashing new waves of mass migration from Africa, but also gives effective control of the Spanish border to Morocco, with which Spain has a tense relationship. Morocco frequently dumps large numbers of illegal migrants along the Spanish border to extract concessions from the Spanish government on unrelated issues.

The border fences in question involve those at Spain’s North African exclaves of Ceuta and Melilla — magnets for Africans seeking a better life in Europe.

Migrants who successfully scale the fences at Ceuta and Melilla are normally transferred to processing facilities in mainland Spain. Once there, many migrants continue on to wealthier countries in northern Europe, where social welfare benefits are more generous than in Spain.

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Vi har jo fornylig set, at Spanien kun er et springbrædt. Røde Kors hjælper de illegale videre til Nordeuropa.

Hvorfor nedlægger Spanien ikke de 2 enklaver i Afrika?

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