Det er sådanne folk Søren Pape og Lars Løkke mener vi skal have til Danmark

‘It was like Apocalypse Now’: SAS troops find severed heads of 50 Yazidi sex slaves as they close in on last of barbaric ISIS ‘tunnel rats’

  • Jihadis decapitated dozens of Yazidi women and dumped the heads in dustbins 
  • British Special Forces made the grim discovery in Baghuz, eastern Syria
  • IS once controlled a swathe of territory more than a quarter the size of England
  • But by last night just 200 militants were confined to one-fifth of a square mile 

‘None of the SAS troops who entered Baghuz will forget what they saw, which some soldiers likened to a scene from the film Apocalypse Now. Their only solace is that they have contributed to bringing Islamic State’s reign of terror to an end.’

Vi må håbe SAS tropperne tager så få fanger som overhovedet muligt.

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Pregnant at just 10, girl is trapped as sex slave in ISIS capital as aunt reveals children are beaten with cables by jihadi brides and ‘raped by 100 men’

  • Marwa Khedr was only 10 when she was captured by IS in the Sinar region of Iraq
  • She was taken to Raqqa where a family friend noticed that she was pregnant
  • Marwa is still missing along with about half of the 6,500 Yazidis kidnapped by IS

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