Et forsvar for Fox News

What’s Up with Fox News?

By Peter Barry Chowka

In recent months, the hatred of Fox News from the left has been almost matched by trending memes – from the right! Examples include (to paraphrase) “Fox News has turned left.” “Fox News is being run by Disney.” “The woke wives of the Murdoch sons are running Fox.” “RINO Paul Ryan is running Fox News from his seat on the company’s board of directors.” And so on.

All of that is false. Total BS. How do I know? Unlike most of the new anti-Fox critics, I actually watch the Fox News Channel (FNC). I take notes. I have monitored the channel closely since its inception 24½ years ago. And I have the tapes and digital recordings of Fox News going back to year one – thousands of hours’ worth – to prove it.

Læs det her – meget interessant.

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