Islamisters sociale netværk

This is a social network graph for 7/7 bombing leader Mohammed Siddique Khan – represented by the green node.

(See it here live: the nodes are navigable, but it takes a moment for the site to generate the graph.) The graph was generated by the experimental Semantic Web terrorism research portal I work on at my dayjob (see below for explanations).


The graph is incomplete but it gives some sense of the role the U.K. has played as a theater of al-Qaeda’s operations. The nasty dark blue tangle in the center represents terrorists who passed through Finsbury Park Mosque in London, the light blue tangle next to it is al-Qaeda’s command group. Finsbury Park Mosque’s leader, Abu Hamza al-Masri was an internationally known as a major Islamist figure since at least 1998. He wasn’t arrested until 2004.

No matter how ably MI-5 disrupts plots, political decisions that permitted radical Islamists networks to flourish in Britain guaranteed that they would be overwhelmed.

Mere på Counterterrorism blog. Tip: JL

Hvor mon Danmark indgår i disse netværk? Og her ser man tydeligt en kendt London-moske som centrum i netværket/edderkoppespindet. Lad os da endelig få bygget nogen af dem.

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